A Trio of Bracelets

Here's a trio of bracelets I designed and did. From Left to Right:
Apeyote stitched band finished with clasps. This is the first pattern I designed using the Bead tool Program. I had been using the Bead Pro. Now I use bead Tool pretty exclusively. It's so easy I'm hooked!
I'll have to do a write on Bead tool in a later post.
The second one is done in Chevron stitch. What gives it the dainty look is the use of size fifteen single cut beads. ( Sometimes these are referred to as Chevrons. A true chevron is a size thirteen.)
I like to use size fifteens whenever I can - I love the dainty etherial air they give to everything.
The third was one an experiment with a couple of colours I liked. I wanted to see how they went together. I used a 3 bead netting stitch. Once I had the sampler done enough to tell how they were going to look, I used it to make this bracelet. I hate wasting anything, and didn't want to take it apart. So I turned it into something.

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