A while back I did a series of patterns for a dear beady friend, of her two furry babies, Kettem and Oreo.

I learned today Oreo has passed away. My friend, Ronit Florence, has been a wonder-full inspiration to me, and her work is always amazing. She always takes my designs and makes them way more cool.

I'm rather ineloquently saying "I admire her talent." I just wanted to do this bracelet as well as several other "chocolate, cream-filled cookie" patterns as well.

I want to dedicate these patterns to all of our furry babies, who we love. Their sweetness is why we love them.

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Ronit Florence said...

Ginger - once again you pulled off an amazing piece of art - these bracelets are so yummy!!!

They are the perfect complement your much healthier veggie collection - all you need now are some fruit and maybe a pizza to complete the four basic food groups :)


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