A couple of early projects I found in the bottom of a bag this week

I was going through my beads and found these two projects I had done quite a while back. I realized I had not scanned them or shared, so here they are!

The orange bracelet is done with a peyote spiral stitch, and strung on 18 guage wire with coordinating beads. I used a snap clasp, which seems to have worked well. If I were to do this again I would have made the middle segment into two pieces and added another glass bead. Since it was a learning piece (I was learning how to do peyote spiral) I'm just pleased I got the stitch right!

The daisy bracelet was a pattern I found online years ago -- If anyone recognizes it and knows the link PLEASE let me know so I can share that info. I think this was one of my first projects I ever did (Probably why it was in the bottom of a bag!) Maybe having a bit of time away from has mellowed my thoughts on it -- When I first finished it all I could think of was - "That bead is sooo crooked!" Now, I look and think - "Hey, not too bad!"

note -- Ronit just dropped me a note and let me know the pattern is from Brenda Whitehead (http://www.bwhitehead.com/daisies.html)

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Ronit Florence said...

Hey Ginger - love the purple and orange bracelet!!!

The daisies bracelet has been on my todo list forever too - you did a great job!!! The pattern is by Brenda Whitehead (http://www.bwhitehead.com/daisies.html)


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