Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley in Beads Flat Samantha in Beads

For those who have kids in their life, there's a good chance you have heard of Flat Stanley, or even had a visit from him. For us, he seems to be a perenial second grade visitor for each of my three girls.

In brief, for those who aren't familiar - Flat Stanley is squished flat by a bullitin board. He goes about having adventures, until he decides he wants to go back to regular. His brother pumps him back up to normal with a bycycle tire pump, and all is well again.

What does this have to do with BEADS!???

Since this is the last time Flat Stanley will be visiting us for a while, I decided to commemorate with a bead pattern! So here is beaded Flat Stanley and beaded Flat Samantha (his sister).

To read about Flat Samantha's visit to Milton to see Big Steve and Melin, go here -- She had a great time and the pictures are priceless! I think The grandparents had as much fun as Flat Samantha, during her visit. :)

Flat Samanth's Visit - part 1:


Flat Samantha's Visit - part 2:


Flat Samantha's Visit - part 3:


To learn more about Flat Stanley go to his official website:

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