desert camoflage flag bracelet

In response to a request posted today on Fun With Bead Patterns (the link is listed under bead groups on the right) I did this desert camo flag bracelet.

In the military, when someone wears their B.D.U.'s (Battle Dress Uniform, or other camo, such as the Airforce flight suits, even the patches are done in muted, camo colours to match the uniform.

Insignia is represented on twill tape in browns, greens and blacks (depending on whether it is standard camo or desert camo) rather than shiny pins. Even the American flag is represented in beige and brown, (or olive drab for B.D.U.s).

For many civilians this seems un-natural or "wrong" but the main reason the patches are done this way is to first and foremost keep the troops safe. A camoflaged uniform isn't very camo when there is some thing bright or shiny for a sniper to aim for.

When making this bracelet, remember to use matte colours.

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Ronit Florence said...

very cool Ginger!

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