US National Botanical Gardens, Washington D.C.

This week the family is in Washington DC. One of my favorite stops on the Mall is the US botanical Gardens. Imagine my surprise to find beautiful beaded flowers as part of one of the current exhibits!!

The exhibit on medicinal plants included some beautiful flowers made entirely of beads and wire. I wanted to post these pics right away to share. I will definitely turn them right side up when I get home on my own computer (Using the Dear Husband's at the moment in a hotel room).

This exhibit should run through the summer, so please be sure and check this out, if you are in D.C. The gardens are also a wonderful respite from some of the more crowded and crazy stops along the mall -- Jazz and classical musical is discretely piped in and you are surrounded by lush growth everywhere and cool mists. There were even a package of free wildflower seeds available on the way out. How cool is that?!

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