Vacation! yay! and all that. The down side: I won't be able to update for the next couple of weeks. I'm spending a week at 4-H camp teaching how to make paper beads, and macame. I'll bring back samples to share - Promise!

The same day we get back from camp, we're turning around and leaving for the beach for a week. Did I mention that Steve and I have actually slowed down in the last few years? No Kidding.

It wasn't so much a lack of planning, as it was too much planning without knowing the other plans. Oops! Next year I will not have so much all at once - I've already promised myself.

While I'm at the beach I will keep my eyes peeled for cool seashells to bead up and see what kind of crafty/artsy maddness I can get up to.

I'll be back on the 21stof July

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