Bright Petals, worked up by Ronit

Here is more beautiful work by Ronit. She is always so creative with the patterns I do. She really reworked the bracelet pattern to come up with a cool amulet/pendant for this necklace. I also love the circle motifs she used to make the necklace. It gives the necklace part the weight it needs to balance the frontispiece, and pulls in the palette of colours for continuity.

Of course, I don't think Ronit can do bad work, if she tried, but I always love how she takes a basic pattern and explores with it. Ronit always steps outside the basic square/rectangle.

Here is the original bracelet based on my pattern. Ronit sent this to me about three weeks ago, when I was in my posting slump (Camp and vacation really wore me out!! not just physically, but mentally!) I have been planning on posting this forever, and just hope she is okay that I have been so SLOW about it. I probably need to bead myself "a round toit!"

I was so inspired by her work, I went back to the original pattern and edited it and started working it myself. It took a couple of tries before I found the colours that gave the POP of colour that I was looking for. I finally grabbed every purple, turquise, orange, and yellow, as well as a bunch of greens and worked up a sample swatch to see which ones would "read" the way I wanted them to. More on the sample swatch later - It was really instructive!!

I'm almost finished with the bracelet and hope to share soon. Right now, I'm looking for just the right way to close the thing.

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Ronit Florence said...

I'm blushing!!! Its easy to make a nice piece with your lovely patterns - I always find them so inspiring!!! Can't wait to see your version of the bracelet - I'm very intrigued by the colors you listed!!!

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