Acorn post II

Finished!! I posted ages ago about a cool tutorial on Ressurection Fern's Blog (see link on right) on how to make a sweet pendant with an acorn and some crochet thread. Her tutorial takes you through the steps to make a little basket that allows you to wear the acorn.

I was excited by the notion of making one up as beaded. I ran right out and realized - "duh!" it's SUMMER! No fresh acorns. All the ones laying about had bites taken out of them. But! I endeavored to perservere and this week, finally, found an acorn cap lying on the ground that was perfect as a topper. Painted it with gold paint and "Voila!"

(The jump drive in the back ground is very petite, but should give you a notion of of relative size.)

1 comment:

GrandmaMarilyns said...

Your acorn came out really cool

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