A few more Bead quilt patterns

Here's a few more patterns to play with for the Bead Quilt. I really can't say often enough how important a cause this is. A close friend and beading buddy of mine is still fighting the battle - She discovered the cancer two years ago, and she's still trying to get back to her everyday work and health that she had before. I want to help so that treatments can be better, less debilitating and more thorough. I want to help with early detection, so that the cancers don't have a chance to get too bad. Last year, Ihad a bit of a scare and it made the cause even more personal. There was an awful time of not knowing and worrying. Thankfully I had benign cysts, that are bothering me less now. I'm really lucky. But I also know too many people who weren't as lucky. Please help with this cause. Jeanette Shanigan's website: http://shanigansbeadshenanigans.homestead.com/

link to all my Bead Quilt patterns: http://picasaweb.google.com/yardchicken2/BCQuilt2009HeartPatterns#

I'm teaching a class later this month in peyote, with the goal of creating more squares, as well as donating all of my profits to the Bead quilt cause. The classes are October 25th, at the Bower Center, Bedford Art Academy. For more info on Bedford Academy of the Arts go to http://www.bedfordartacademy.org/

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GrandmaMarilyns said...

I know where you are coming from, Ginger. My husband just had a cancerous mass removed from his left kidney. We were lucky. Because of an injury to his back, this mass was found while it was still small (3.4cm). They were able to remove about 1/3 of his kidney and he is now cancer free. I am also making these squares because my mother died of pancreatic cancer.

Oh, beautiful squares.

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