I haven't disappeared!

As an apology to everyone, heres a pattern to play with while I try to get out from under the ton stuff going on at home.

I haven't disappeared! I promise! I have been really covered up in working withthe two older girls on their research projects and general homeschool. I also ended up being a coach for one of the Odessy of the Mind Projects at My youngest daughter's elementary school. I need to figure out how to get a bunch of young kids to brainstorm and create a vehicle that moves into 4 different enviornments AND changes its look. Whew!

I also wrecked my van three days ago - I'm okay! No one got hurt. In fact, the other vehicle wasn't damaged either - I was too close as I slowed down and then sped up for a changing stoplight. When the traffic stuttered back to a stop, I hit the truck in front of me - right on the trailer hitch. Unfortunately a trailer hitch will do a lot of damage to the front of a van, even at 10 mph.

So I am still here, but REAL LIFE has taken over for a bit. I will be back - hopefully in another week.


Tracey N. said...

Glad you are ok! Those darn school projects can make a lot of work for you cant they? I really like this pattern too. Thanks! Hope your life calms down a bit now!

Beaderjojo said...

Sorry to hear about your van...dealing with that stuff is never fun. No one was hurt is the important thing though.
Take care, and happy beading!

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