Ronit's jewelry set, based on "Doodles" pattern

I few entries ago, I posted a note about taking time out to enjoy doodling and what it can do for your pattern design. I also posted three faces I had doodled and played around with, after being inspired by the online program Scribbler.

Ronit Florence went into a whirlwind of inspiration with the pattern and came up with an awesome set. She sent the pictures posted here.

I love the way the little face beads pick up the same colours in the pattern. I also LOVE the stitch used for the necklace portion - it adds lots of texture, movement, and a sense of fun to balance out the serious expression on the face. And as with all of her work, Ronit is great about taking the basic pattern and turning it into something more. Kudos!

In a Whisper: When I grow up, I want to be a beader like Ronit! (grin!)


Ronit said...

Thanks so much Ginger - I guess we have us a little mutual admiration society because when I grow up I want to create really really cool patterns just like Ginger :)

khahina said...

Very nice Work !

Have a nice day

GrandmaMarilyn said...

Wow! Ronit did a great job on the set. You did a great job on the pattern, Ginger.

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