A long absence and lots of good stuff to follow

Here's Miss Mess looking mean, but she's a real sweetie.

So what has been going on my life? It seems as though I have been so busy and yet never get anything done.

I'm sure many can identify with that feeling.

I also have to confess that I sometimes feel so guilty about missing a posting, I put it off even more. Which leads to more guilt!

And to be quite honest, I've been in a bit of a beading funk. For a while I felt as if there were no new patterns for me to try, and no new creative vibes were coming my way.

I have several ways I deal with the creative doldrums (I'll share them below.), but sometimes - you just have to trust in time. And ultimately, that's what I needed: time. Lately, I have been feeling "like a busy beady bee" and have some patterns to share.

But what was I doing during all that time, if I wasn't beading???

I find that it helps to do something else creative, to keep my mind working. It also will often inspire me to try something new with my beading. I have been doing some felting, quilting, embroidery, and artist trading cards. I definitely want to do some beaded ATC's. I will be sharing some pics of everything, even though they are not beady.

(For those who don't know what ATC's are, here's a great link that explains the what and how, with examples.)

In the area where I currently live, there is a strong interest in quilting. In part, this is an area where quilting never died out, and I remember as a child accompanying my Granny to church quilting bees. Some of my best memories as a child were playing with her fabric scraps,(she was always generous with them) needle, and thread, and playing house under the quilt frame. Granny's knees were always nearby, as she worked her needle and thread from top to bottom, thimble flashing.

So going back to sewing and quilting is very much a going back to my crafting roots. For me quilting is a comfort thing, imbued with warm fuzzy memories of Granny.

It amuses me to read folk lore books about "the old ways" and see references to things folks around here have always done and still do. Yes, many things have faded, but there are still folks in "them thar hills" doing things the old timey way.

I have also been spending quite a bit of time working in the flower beds, the veggie garden (which I murdered - the drought was just the mercy stroke), and taking care of the chickens. I never knew how much personality chickens have, until we got ours. My daughter, Becca, says they have individual "chickenalities!" I have gotten a good laugh every day from their antics and love to just watch them peck, flap, and run about the front field. (You should see them go after May-flies!)

Last week we had a strange dog come through and attack one of our hens - Miss Mess -who is a sweet White Rock. The girls (my daughters, although the chicken girls hollered too!) hollered immediately (It happened just feet from the house), and the dog dropped her and ran. When I first exited the house, I saw an enormous pile of feathers and feared the worst. But Miss Mess must be a very lucky girl! She was hiding in the flower bed under some stalks, being very still.

Her poor tail looks a bit like a small powder puff with all of her big tail feathers gone, and she has a small lesion on her back that is healing well. Otherwise she is doing well. I have noticed she is the first one to head for the coop when we put them up or if she gets startled, but that is a good thing.

So in honour of Miss Mess, and her good fortune to survive the dog attack, I'm posting these two patterns based on photos I took of her just before the attack happened. As you can see in the bracelet, she still has her nice shape.

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