Crocus Swirl

Some how, living on a farm is supposed be all slow and lazy days, with a laid back life style.  Tell the truth, the only laid back I get is when I get laid up from over doing!

Whoever perpetuated the myth of farm life being slow paced probably had very little to do with actual farming, planting, critters or anything remotely resembling dirt.  I stay busy as a bee, especially in the early spring when I'm gearing back and recovering from lack of light.  I love it and I wouldn't want to live back in the 'burbs ever again, but it does mean I sometimes neglect other things like this blog and designing pattern.

Of course when you have to choose between feeding hungry chickens and picking out just the right color for a bead, there's really no contest.  The chickens depend on us; the beads won't go bad, don't depend on the growing season, and aren't cackling for food.

Above: Hardening off the Teenager chickens, who are busy working on growing and establishing pecking order.  Rt: The most recent batch, our baby Buckeyes. This is just hours after hatching.

All of which is why I am only now getting around to working on some patterns of my Spring blooms.


Last Fall, I planted around 500 bulbs (about half of which went in the greedy gullets of MOLES - my sworn enemy!) of various kinds.  It was such a delight to see the colours popping up everywhere, after all of the ice and snow we had this past winter. Crocus are one of the very first to bloom and one of my all time favorites. (And Moles don't seem to think they are as yummy!)

Crocus Swirl is an amulet bag pattern to play with.

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