Three Frogs Bracelet

Three frogs being sociable on a muggy summer evening.

When I lived in South Carolina these little green guys would be so loud sometimes they would keep me up.

Right after I first moved to S.C., I had one of these fellows hop up onto my bare leg as I was walking up the stairs with a load of groceries! I didn't drop the groceries, but I definitely screamed a bit! (the dropping the groceries was a close thing though, let me tell you.)

Even with the froggie adventures, I still can't help but love these little guys!


Mosolyrend √Čvi :) said...

Szuper :)

Sipy said...

Hi! I loved this pattern so much , that I had to prepare it. You wrote in your policy, that you would like to receive a picture in such cases... Where shall I send the picture?


G Leigh said...

If you will send me your email in a comment, I will keep the comment private and not publish it.

I tried to send you an email as well. If you did not receive it, please let me know.

I look forward to seeing the finished piece - your work on your blog is fabulous!
Beady hugs - G.

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