Trouble with my internet connection.


Life in the country has so many perks, it's hard to complain about the one or two things I really miss about the city.  But there are times when I yearn for the super fast internet connections that never froze up.

Along with sunshine, we also have to pipe in the internet on a satellite dish.  It often freezes up, especially if we try to download the news. 

I have been wanting to upload some awesome pics for the last couple of days - Ronit recently did an awesome set based on the clown fish pattern, I have some patterns to upload, and share some cool beach pictures. 

Unfortunately, the connection freezes up every time I have tried to load a picture to anything.  At worst, I may have to go to the library and use their wi-fi.  Just don't despair, I hope to get some things up soon.


BSOTF said...

Don't feel bad everyone has problems with their net at times no matter what kind they use. Your work is very nice & those of us will just be looking forward to seeing it when you are able to post your pictures. They will be even more special to us all. Relax & don't stress out over this problem. Ok. Smile & know we will wait.

G Leigh said...

Thank you! It good to know y'all are so sweet out there!

Big Beady Hugs! - Ginger

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