Angel ornament and bracelet

Since it's not too early to get started on ornaments and gifts for Christmas, here is an angel ornament to work in free form brick stitch.
I would recommend stiffening this piece and attaching a piece of mono filament to each wing tip.  Knot the two pieces of filament to a hook to hang it by.  Trim the ends and cover them with a tiny red ribbon bow.

There are lots of ways to stiffen a piece of beadwork. Since I have heard both pros and cons for each of them I will give you a list to read up on them and decide what is best for you.

Future® floor finish (wax) method
Restitch the piece until it is stiffened (This is not always an option on brick or peyote pieces.).

Fingernail polish

AIleene's Stiffener products.

Apply the work to a piece of fabric with plastic, wire, or pellon sandwiched inside.

Personally, I usually try to work a bit snugger on work I know needs to be firm, and use as large a weight of Fireline as I can to give the worked piece body and firmness.  Often this is enough.
Here is the same design  in a chart for a bracelet.  It would make a nice piece to wear around the holidays.  There is space underneath the angel to add the year.

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