Two pins by Candys

Candys has been busy the last few weeks and worked up two pins from my patterns.  She has been patiently waiting for me to post these - she sent them to me last week!  I have to confess that I have times when I don't where my days go.  I go, go go, and still haven't caught up!  I'm pretty sure we all have times like that.

photo by Candys

This lovely fox pin is from this post.  I especially like the way Candys edged this piece in the brown and bronze-ish beads. So pretty!  It gives a nice dimension to the piece and defines the edges nicely.

She also combined the two patterns to make one piece.  This is the sort of thing I like to see people do.  When  you take a pattern and make changes to it, you make it more personal and participate in all the wonderful variations of art.

photo by Candys

This piece is from one of last years breast cancer awareness patterns I posted.  Again, I really like the edging. It gives the piece a nice finished touch.

Anytime, anyone makes up one of my patterns please contact me and share!  I would love to post your work here.  Beady hugs to everyone! - Ginger

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