On holiday break

 KiKi exploring our tree "Jake the Fake."  (Yes, our Christmas tree has a moniker!)

Just wanted to let everyone know I've been on an extended holiday break, and plan to get back to blogging in January.

I hope everyone has happy holidays and bright blessings!


Anonymous said...

LOL....too funny that you 'name' your tree.

Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year. Enjoy your vacation!

Candys in Oklahoma
www.beadpatternsboutique.com/catalogue.php Bead of My Heart

G Leigh said...

My kids came up with that name.

They tend to name everything! Even our houses we have lived in.

They are worth a million laughs and smiles a day!

I'd certainly be a lot plainer, and sadder without them in my life!

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