Cardinal Bracelet

I love Spring!!

All of the different greens are popping out in the woods, the dogwoods are gorgeous, My tulips and jonquils are blooming....  Well you get the picture!

But best of all are the birds!  All of the birds are coming back, singing and warbling for a girl friend. ("Pick me! Pick me!, Pick me, me, me! says the chick-a-dee.)

Of course the Cardinal has been a stead fast friend through the winter months flashing his bright red wings, even in the snow.  He's a great reminder that Winter isn't forever, and that Spring always comes back around.


LUCY said...

Que hermoso....es preciosoooooooooooo, me encanta....

Anonymous said...

Cute! hmmm.....maybe a pin?

You know how I love making those pins.....LOL

Candys in Oklahoma
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