2012-2013 Bead-It-Forward bead-quilt project

This yearthe  Bead It Forward Bead Quilt is being organized by Bead and Button.  In the past, Jeanette Shanigan has organized the Bead Quilt project, but she has passed the torch to Bead and Button staff to oversee the project.  Every year the Bead Quilt helps raise awareness and money for breast cancer research.

This project is one that is near and dear to my heart, and I have taken it as a reason to get back to bead blogging.  Over the past year-and-a-half I have pretty much allowed myself to be too busy to "get around to it."  So rather than spend energy feeling guilty, I'm going to present some patterns for this years Bead Quilt.

The theme is "Flowers: Stitching to find a bloomin' cure."  In addition to the new patterns I designed today, I also have a gallery of rose quilt square patterns that could be used as well.  

 I encourage folks to use these patterns as a starting point.  Please change colors, or the design, to reflect your work and ideas.


Ronit said...

Its so great to hear from you again and you came back with an amazing crop of flowers designs!!!

big hugs, Ronit

G Leigh said...

Thank you Ronit!
It's good to be back after such a long hiatus. I just decided to start making time for designing again. I have missed it.
Big hugs to you as well! - G.

Calla said...

Very glad to see your posts pop up in my feed again :-) Your patterns are the ones that inspired me to finally get off my behind and make myself some actual cuffs rather than just thinking about making cuffs :-)

Stick around, yeah? :-)

G Leigh said...

Calla: So glad I inspired you to bead! That's really the whole point, isn't it?
Beady hugs! - G.

GrandmaMarilyn said...

Oh, I was so excited when I found this in my feeds today. Such beautiful flowers you have designed for the beaded quilt. I love all of them in the 6 posts.

Welcome back.


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