A Few More Bead Quilt Squares


GrandmaMarilyn said...

Beautiful quilt squares. You create great squares.

GrandmaMarilyn said...

You make beautiful squares. Keep up the good work.


G Leigh said...

GMa- thank you!! Big Beady Hugs -Ginger

Anonymous said...

What do you do with all those quilt squares once you have them made. How do you make the quilt? Out of all those?
So cool

G Leigh said...

Dear Anonymous,
The deadline for mailing the squares was Feb. 20th, so it's a bit late this year to mail them in. The good news is the bead quilt is done every year. Usually the theme is announced near October.

Currently the quilt project is being over seen by Bead and Button. If you go to their website, and search "bead quilt" you will find all of the info there on how things are done.

Even though it is too late for this go-round you can still read about the project and be prepared to jump in this fall, for Bead It Forward 2014!

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