Officially going dormant and why

For those of you who have followed my beading adventures, I can only express gratitude for your support.  However, I am sure everyone has noticed that this blog has been inactive for some time now.

I have to confess that I just couldn't bring myself to share more patterns, after seeing patterns published here and on my flickr stream "tweaked" (colors changed, but still an overlay match for my originals) and for sale.

I first noticed images on Pinterest that I knew didn't link to my accounts, but none-the-less were versions of my work.  I followed them up, and sure enough they were for sale on Etsy. Usually the patterns were for sale for 4-5 US dollars.  The same patterns I had given for free, with minor changes.

I went into a major funk and slow burn.  I was trying to help the beading community, and 1 person was ruining it! I don't have the resources to legally follow up on the situation.  Even if I won, I would mostly be out of a lot of time, money and energy I could have devoted to creative enterprises. I cannot begin to convey how dis heartened I was.

I think the worst part for me was knowing that 99% of the folks who visited this blog are good, honest, moral folks.  Suddenly, I had no heart for sharing with others, due to the actions of one person, and the other honest folks all ended up losing a resource for it.

I've had plenty of folks contact me over the years about using a pattern, and without fail, I am more than glad to help them out. I like helping spread creativity. It's why I started this blog in the first place.

For a long time, I kept telling myself I could bounce back from this. I just couldn't let go of the idea I would find my creative spark and get back into the blogosphere, and just ignore the greedy few.And here I am, years later, still heartsick every time I sit down to design patterns to share. I question whether this is the next pattern to be stolen and second guess my willingness to share.

I want to end this with a few thoughts:

  • The majority of people I have met through the years in beading and other hand work communities have been a blessing in my life.
  • I sincerely hope others can learn from this, and find better ways to protect their creative property.
  • I still bead. I still make jewelry, I still spin, knit, crochet, felt, and sew. My creative spirit is bruised, but very much alive.
  • I sincerely wish for everyone who has ever been a reader is blessed with creativity, joy, and laughter in their life.

Signing off,

Me and the Husband in Viking garb this past Yule

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