Beaded aquarium project

Each year Jeanette's group "beady shenanigans" works on a group project to auction in the Beaders Against Breast Cancer auction held each year at Bead Fest.

This year, Jeanette Shanigan has chosen beaded aquariums for a group project.

Here's a sea anemone I bead crocheted for the beaded aquarium project sponsored by the group. The link for the group is here:


I also designed the background for aquariums 1 and 3. It was a challenge, because I don't normally design in herringbone, and I had to be sure to get the dimensions right, for fitting the tank. I also had to keep in mind that the colours needed to be kept to a minimum, and to factor in the cost of the colours chosen. Jeanette wrote the directions that appear with the graphs I designed.

Jeanette Shanigan who owns the group also sponsors beaded quilts for auction to raise money for breast cancer research. The bead quilts can be seen here.


and Jeanette's site is here:


I designed several patterns and contributed a square to the rose quilt. I wished to do more, but have been a bit distracted by real life lately.

I really want to encourage everyone to try and participate in this cause. Even though it is now past deadline for this year, you can be sure there will be new plan for next year very soon. Be sure to check in on Jeanette's web sites to keep up, and in the loop.

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