Charm Necklace ( cooking something new with old "left overs!" )

Here's a charm necklace I have been wanting to work up and finally took the time to sit down and do. I've been seeing similiar things in the stores lately and knew I could do one more to my color preferences.

It's a great quicky project. This took me a couple of hours (including deciding what beads I wanted to use!) total.

Materials - you need some chain, wire working tools, a clasp, various beads (I ended up using left overs from the jasper dreams necklace), beadalon (12#), jump rings, wire (I used 20 an 24), crimps (#0) and crimpers, Metal connectors by Blue Moon (square and round)

I started by putting the clasp on in the middle of my chain -- this let me attach the magnet clasp to a metal pair of pliears to "display it" while I worked.

Then I began creating the dangles and charms, using wire, jump rings, metal conectors, and extra chain (again left over from another project). I used jasper, mother of pearl, metal links, a metal charm, and moonstone.

I really like this combination and use it pretty often. Doesn't hurt that I'm a June baby, and Moonstone and Pearls are my birth stones!

When the dangles were dangly enough, I then went back to the necklace part and cut an opening into the chain where I wanted the strung portion to go. I strung on Beadalon several pieces of jasper, mother of pearl and pearls. I used #0 crimps with the light weight beadalon (12 lb) to attach the strung portion to the chain on each end.

Just to be asymetrical, I included an extra metal connector near the top.

I may go back and make a small dangle to go on the back, but for now, I happy with this quick and easy project.

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