Ronit's work: update

I just recieved an update from Ronit yesterday. She finished the bracelet I designed to match her necklace and sent me a couple of pics. I thought I would share her work - especially since it co-ordinates with the neclace I posted earlier. I love the pearls used on the edging !

The pattern was bit more difficult, because the main features of Oreo were much smaller. I also had to go back in and recolour quite a bit -- The pattern maker wanted to make a lot of little speckles all over it.

To get this, I did a quick assimilate, erased all the back ground and recoloured it in tourquise. I then erased portions of the main image one section at a time and coloured them back in -- I tried to squint a bit and get the main features of fur colour and pattern.

The most important was the face and I find if I save the work I have done up til then, It lets me try a couple of different variations, make mistakes, and not have to worry about losing the rest of the work I have done so far, while I look for "just the right look."

Here's the graph I ended up with:


On A Thousand Hills said...

Wow! That came out really cool! Making those patterns can be tricky at best sometimes. You did a great job!!

Ronit Florence said...

It is amazing how you managed to capture Orea's features and personality in a much smaller surface than the pendant!!! Thanks so much for making this pattern - it really helps to be able to keep her with me in this way!

Hugs, Ronit

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