Bright petals bracelet

Happy Spring!! This pattern is based on a picture of white daisies I took by the driveway. I photo shopped the pic some before loading it to the pattern software. Then I used different portions of the picture to create the images of the bracelet. I like using a portin of the pic rather than the whole -- It lets me have more detail in the portion I use, and It focuses on a specific detail in the pic. I think it adds more graphic interest.

If I had used the whole photo as is, It wouldn't have had quite the visual punch that this version has and a lot would have been lost due to size, as well.


I got the images onto the bracelet I cleaned things up a lot by hand. I made the back ground solid and a dep black, to help make the bright colours pop. I chose two of my fav bright colours and used the fill function to paint in the look I wanted. (Two-toned).

One of the important things here to think about is that the photo is just a begining when you are designing. You need to think about which parts of it you can use. you also need to think about which parts are good but can be tweaked by hand to be better.

I will go dig thru my old photos and find the original I used to create this and post it for comparision.

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Ronit Florence said...

Hi Ginger, this is a classic example of your artistry - you take a pretty but plain picture and turn it into a really cool piece of art.


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