Children's classes Offered this Summer, part 2

This Summer I will be offereing classes for children. In a previous post I showed the fabric friendship bracelets I made up for one of the classes I will be offering.

Another class For the kids this Summer will be making felt stuffies. I will be using original patterns designed by my daughter Becca. (She's 10 and I am very proud!) The samples posted here are all designed and made by Becca.

One of the things I will be stressing in the class class -- patterns are a starting point for learning the basics. I hope to encourage them to go home and experiment with designing their own.

Stuffies have such appeal - not just for kids but grown-ups as well. I love these, in part because they are tiny. Small enough to slip in your pocket and carry about with you, like a secret friend.

The Japanese call them mascots, and in a way they become your mascot - cheering for you along the way. I keep one in my car and always get a smile every time I look at him. (He's a frog Becca made for keeping me company in the car while she is at school.)

Since this is a class I'm offering, I wanted to be sure and get the word out about it. Bedford Art Academy is putting up a new web site: http://www.bedfordartacademy.org/ hopefully it will be up and running later today.

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