Children's Classes, part 3

Two of the Summer classes offered will be Traditional Friendship Bracelets and Macrame.

Shown above is the "Candy Stripe" friendship bracelet.

The example above, orange turquoise and yellow is a friendship anklet, done in the pattern known as Chinese Staircase or spiral.

This bracelet, in progress, is a series of alternated square knots. It is a pretty traditional macrame pattern. By using several colours, the knotting pattern is more visable.

This sample is a series of repeating half knots, which creates a tightly coiled spiral of knots. It is good for bracelets as well as chokers.

In the class, we will be using wooden beads in adition to hemp, embroidery floss, and yarns.

For a full listing of classes you can go to http://www.bedfordartacademy.org/

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