crocheted acorn necklaces

Here's a great picture of Margaret Oomen's sweet little acorn pendants. This pic is from her cool blog, Resurrection Fern.

I was checking out the latest on WhipUp (a really great crafting blog found here: http:///www.whipup.net ) and came across a tutorial by Margaret Oomen on Resurrection Fern.

You can find her blog here:


(I really need to learn how to embed code!!)

Margaret's tutorial is for a crochet acorn basket/pendant. Acorns are one of my favorite things, (almost as much as beads!); I immediately wanted to run out, grab up some acorns and start one in beaded crochet. Two ticks and several chiggers later, I realized it was Summer and all the acorns out right now are old, wormy, and quite chewed on.

Since I'm not one to let such pesky, little details get in the way of creative frenzy, I plowed on ahead with my plan. I grabbed some size 16 tatting/crochet cotton with a pearl finish, dug out my bead spinner and started loading on size 11 silver seed beads. I found my size 10 steel crochet hook and jumped in - not letting myself worry too much about directions, I mostly relied on the force.

Two hours later, when hand cramps said "Stop now!" I decided it was a good time to scan what I had done so far, for some show and tell. Tomorrow I'll hope to finish.

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