getting up close

One of the things I love to do with photography is to take macro shots - especially of flowers. I also really enjoy taking something recognizable, and seeing what patterns of color I can create by zooming in ridiculously close to the picture when I am creating a design.

The two pics above are a good example. The pattern of abstract pinks and purples was created by turning the thistle pic on it's side, then enlarging the pic as much as I could. I ended up with some nice repetition and colors and pretty much left it as is. I merged a few of the colors to limit the color pallet and voila ! Instant fun.


Ronit Florence said...

another gorgeous pattern!!! I just love your creativity and the sense of color and of fun in your designs!!!


Softflexgirl said...

Wow - this pattern is really gorgeous, kudos. I notice that you link to Tatiana - isn't she fantastic? We featured her a few months back.


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