Bright petals: Just finished my bracelet!

Whoo hoo! - I just finished my pattern "Bright Petals" and I'm pretty tickled with it. I got the colours to POP, just as it had in my head when I envisioned it.It was harder than I expected. What looked like a bright purple in the container all but disappeared against the matte black.

This shows the bracelet when it is closed. I ended up going with Velcro (very light weight) trimmed to fit the curved end. It ended up being discrete and not interfering with the design.

I will have to share some of the trials and tribulations of finding closure for this piece in a different article.


Ronit Florence said...

Ginger - its absolutely stunning!!! I wouldn't have thought of using the sky blue but its absolutely perfect!!!!

The Lone Beader said...


Christina said...

It turned out great!

Carol Bruce Collett said...

Wow-I love the colors and the design. I would have never thought of velcro. Fabulous

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