What sort of Messes I have been getting into!

I have been a bit silent the last couple of weeks. I think some of it was just plain 'ole tired. I also was a bit out of sorts from the wreck. I know I was VERY lucky, but I still was a bit put out with myself. It really should have been avoidable in the first place!

I have been a bit busy with some things - not all of it beads (GASP!!) but crafty enough to keep me sane. I also think it is good to do other things every so often - it helps keep away the creative blahs.

My latest "thing" has been dying yarn with Kool-aid. In October, I took a work shop with Natasha (Her website is "The Unplanned Peacock" - check it out: http://hyenacart.com/unplannedpeacock/index.php?viewall=1%CF%80=1 )

This is Virginia's yarn, and my first go at a sock in years! (I had to take it out and start over, but no big!)

The girls and I went to her place - the icelandic sheep are sooooo sweet and cute! But I digress - We dyed yarn and had lots of fun. Of course I also picked up some more wool to try some at home. Now I'm remembering my knitting skils - I had let them get rusty. I even went and dug up all of my old knitting needles.

I've also been doing a little bit of needle felting, just for fun. Had to try some acorns - I saw some in the Flickr acorn pool and really wanted to make some of my own. I just need to figure out how to put a bail on them without making them look weird.

I've been also trying to learn to make glass beads. I had unpacked my Hothead torch not long ago and sent off for a new pair of safety glasses (My old pair didn't make the move.). I had originally just begun to work on the torch when the war started and I had to pack it all up and move to Charleston. Down there I didn't have aplace to work with an open flame, so it really went on hold for several years. This past week I took the plunge and realized that I have forgotten what little bit I had learned and definitely am starting from scratch. I have yet to make a really round anything. But I did have fun, and I can see a bit of a learning curve starting to appear.

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Gertieanne said...


Went to the Green Dragon yesterday.

I know what you mean about a place to make beads. I have all the stuff to make them and no place to make them. Sucks.

Are you getting into the fiber world?


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