latest effort at making beads

Today, I took another go at making beads, until I ran out of gas (quite literally!) I'm still a long way from making a round bead or controlling the glass in any fashion, but I did have fun and seemed to have a bit better "Feel" today. I think really, practice is what it is going to be all about.


Gertieanne said...


Round beads are hard, but you can put a layer of glass on the rod, and then about a 1/8" over put another layer of glass on the rod and then put a third layer over the middle.

See if that helps any?

G Leigh said...

My biggest obstacle seems to be getting the glass to go on smoothly - I get lumps that end up wobbling the whole thing into a teardrop or off-center affair. I'm persistent though, so I will keep at it.
Thank you for the suggestion. Please send me a pic of your beads - I never go to really see any of yours when I was at the dragon. Hugs - Ginger

The Lone Beader said...

The little bee is cute!

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