ying yang

Do not use this version - see post above for explanation and update on this pattern!

Here's a little something that is not holiday oriented. I think my brain needs a bit of holiday vacation from the holidays! Please ignore that little blue bead at the bottom right - it's not supposed to be there - I will try to go in and proof that and fix it soon. Sometimes I just don't see things like that, until I see it as a big graphic, or until I've had a break from it.

One of the best things you can do for proofing a pattern in the design stage, is to walk away and come back later the next day. You will see things that you would have missed other wise.

I hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving. I always make a traditional Lasagna, (we're not turkey fans) and lots of side dishes. The girls always make homemade pumpkin pie. With three girls making up three recipies, we usually end up sharing pie with most of the neighbourhood! It's a great tradition though.


Ronit Florence said...

That's gorgeous Ginger - you must have read my mind - I've been thinking of doing a yin/yang set in the next few weeks and this one is really unique!!! Have a great thanksgiving!

Hugs, Ronit

Summer said...

What an amazing pattern! Thank you for sharing not only your patterns, but your methods and insight into tinkering with bead programs and converting colors:) Keep up the great work!

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