ying yang update

Last post I put up a pattern of a ying yang. Please use this version instead:

Thanks to a note from Ronit and her pics, I realized it was working out to be an oval rather than a round shape. Ronit suggested I reset the bead size for 5x7 (sure enough - when I checked, it was set for 6x7). This fixed the problem as far as designing a new version - but I still had to re-do the pattern. So, here is the new pattern - edited and re-sized. I also wanted to share the beautiful work Ronit did, using the first version.

Thank you Ronit!!

I'm definitely thankful to Ronit and all of my beadie Buddies out there!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

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Ronit Florence said...

Thanks so much Ginger!!! I sure am grateful for having you as a friend and for all the wonderful patterns you share with us!!!

Big Hugs and happy thanksgiving, Ronit

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