Beaded face pin

I know! I know! I haven't been posting as much the last couple of weeks. Real life and all that. I have been working really hard to set up a studio, downstairs, in my basement. So far I have had two space heaters give out. The hubby says we will do some work on the house to make it warmer down there.

To make a bit more sense about it - the work shop was an extra garage, attached to the basement. The garage door leaks air rather badly, and so it's very drafty. It tends to be about the same temperature as the outside. This time of year that runs around the 20s-30s. BRRRR!

It's still exciting!! I set up three sets of shelves and started unpacking/moving all of my beads to the work shop. It had reached a point in my bedroom where all of the craftiness was piling up and preventing me from crafting. I could barely see my beads past the bags of fleece and the kids beads and felt. (My girls all keep their crafty stuff with my stuff.)

To celebrate getting most every thing set up over the last couple of weeks (I'm still organizing some of my beads to be able to find them) I sat down yesterday and made a beaded face. My main goal with this project was to recycle something I would normally throw away.

I choose a plastic bowl that a freezer entree came in. I cut out a circle about the same size of a quarter. I then used a 1/16th inch hole punch to make lots of holes. This became my foundation.

Originally I had planned to just cover it in beads for a fringy pin. However, as I worked, it just looked so much like a "hairdo," that I had to make this little felted face. I Still haven't gotten my tetnus shot, so I was probably risking death, but I tried to go slowly and be careful. I also promise everyone (especially my DH who is an emergency doc.) that I will get a booster for tetnus before do any more felting.

The only thing it needs at this point is a bit of felt for the back and a pin back. I plan on doing that in a few minutes.

It worked up very quickly and was just cute as could be. It's incentive to get that booster shot soon! Hope you all enjoy, and I wll try to post more. I will admit that during the end of the semester teaching, testing, and holidays to boot - that I am a bit bonkers and busy.

I also have a post to show more of Ronit's work that will go up either tonight or in the morning.

Lots of hugs and happy holidays!!! Hope they are all beadiful! Ginger


Angie Rodrigues said...

Hi there:) Thanks for posting a comment over on my blog! It is great to get to know other artists. Your bead work is fantastic!! I am looking forward to more on your blog:)

Take good care and I'll be back looking for more of your work:))))

Avogana said...

I love her! I fell even more in love with her when I found out the point of the project was to recycle something. What's this about needing a tetnis shot for felting? I hadn't heard of that before.

G Leigh said...

update - I got my tetnus shot, and sure enough two days later on my very next felting project, I stuck the needle a good half inch through the palm of my hand. "ouch!" (At least that's the family friendly version of what I said.)

Lesson learned: If the needle falls - don't try to catch it!! You just might succeed.

2nd lesson learned: That tetnus shot came in handy! - Ginger

Avogana said...

Ah, now I understand why a tetnus shot is necessary!

Anonymous said...

Can someone really get tetnus from a needle prick??? I've pricked myself many times over my life (I'm clumsy, I guess) and have never had any tetnus. How common is tetnus? I thought it was a rare thing that might happen from a nail pucture, and then only if the nail happens to have a spore.

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