Where in the world has this beader been?

Happy Valentine's Day early:

I know most folks have thought I dissapeared. I know I have been very silent as of late. Here's a note to let you know -- "I'm Back!"

In the real world I have been busy with my first gallery show. The opening went well and everything looked great. It may be of interest to y'all, that this show was mostly photography I have done. The photos were ones I have been taking over the last year and a half to use as ideas for jewelry patterns. It was cool to be able to see the photos themselves as art. I also had some pieces in the show that were jewelry as well as my first mini quilt.

For those who follow this blog the mini quilt was featured in a previous article as a sneak peak. When the show finishes I will scan the quilt and share it here. I did some traditional bead embroidery to accent it.

So now that the show has kicked off and I have gotten my brain back into bead gear, I am saying "How y'all doing? and Glad to be back!"

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