Ronit's version of updated ying yang

In an earlier post I updated the pattern of the Ying Yang, based on advise by Ronit. As most know - Ronit is one of my favorite bead fairies - She always makes my patterns look so much cooler and takes them an extra step beyond the basics (More on that in another post - wait till you see how awesome her final piece is!)

I wanted everyone to see her gorgeous necklace and bracelet (from the first version of the ying yang pattern). Ronit does such awesome work and when I got the pics from her showing the final piece I knew I had to share.

Just to remind everyone - Ronit has a site where she sells some of her patterns and stuff.


It would be a great thing to go by there and check it out. The link is in the list of beady links over on the right.

1 comment:

Ronit Florence said...

Ginger - you're making me blush!!! there is something about your patterns that really inspires me, and thanks so much for the plug!

Hugs, Ronit

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