First of all - as soon as I uploaded this I saw an "oops!" Those blank spaces near the peep's foot are supposed to be green as well. The white spot on his back is supposed to match the brown of his feet and top of head. OOPS! I will definitely have to go back and touch this up.

Second of all - I am getting very excited about our new project: Chickens! The chick-n-hut and chick-n-pen came by UPS today. (It only took three days from when we ordered - wow!). The local tractor supply has peeps and pullets coming in the first of March. We are looking to get some dual purpose pullets that are sturdy (The chicken equivalent of a pre-teen is a pullet). We really just want them as pets/egg layers. Dear hubby and I have been reading everything we can get our hands on about chickens for the last couple of months and so I'm a bit chicken crazy lately. We even both dreamed about chickens last week. No kidding!

So here is a cute little peep to turn into a small amulet or wide cuff. He is all about springtime fuzzy cuteness; with the cold weather still here I am definitely ready for some springtime something! I hope to have some pics when the pullets get here.

note: I have had yardchicken2 as my email/call sign for ten years now, and people always ask if I have chickens in the yard. I've always had to say "not yet!" So now I will be able to proudly say "Yes!"

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Ronit Florence said...

The chick is sooooooooo cute and makes me wish even harder for spring!!!

Good luck with the chickens, Ronit

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