The work shop is starting to shape up

(note: sorry about the poor lighting in this pic - fluorescent light is a real bear!)

I have started to take over the small garage as a work shop and have been trying to get my crafty stuff from all over the house in one location (I need good luck on that!! I'm a bit like a craft explosion all over!)

One of the great discoveries has been the inexpensive, easy to assemble and light weight shelves made by Plano. They hold up to 300 lbs and I was able to put them together and move them around by myself. (So many shelves are so heavy, I have to wait until hubby can help.)

I have been loving having a space to call my own, even if it's a homely garage. Long term I will hopefully "pretty it up" but for now I am just trying to get all the craft stuff organized. I have a section for beads and for fibers and the filing cabinet holds all my vintage patterns (I inherited some great stuff from the fifties thru early seventies) as well as my modern patterns.)

The sewing machine is still in my room, but will hopefully be down there, once I can get a little better climate control.

Climate control -- That's the one big drawback to this work shop. Because the garage door is less than snug - the out door temp is the indoor temp. The last few weeks when we were having single digit temps, I couldn't bring myself to even go in there, let alone work. The plan is to hopefully replace the garage door with a window, once we have gotten some other things done first (We still have other stuff to do to the house that is higher priority - especially the foundation)

I have a great place for my hot head torch as well as my little table top kiln and room to work with metal clay as well. I hope to get more lighting in soon. (I still haven't found my ott light from the move - I'm almost afraid to know what the movers did to it!)

I do know I'm really lucky to have this big a space. For years I was literally a closet beader - I had a section of the closet for my beads, and sat on the floor in front of the closet door. All my bead friends kept asking me when I was going to come out the closet!

I would love to see other folks creative space, and get suggestions in the comments.


Gertieanne said...

Okay, I am jealous. You know I want a room like that for myself. Can I come live with you?

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