Princess Preztels Bracelet

I found a fun and nifty tutorial for a felted Celtic bracelet. I had to try one for myself, and it came out really well. I was pleased that it worked up quickly as well. I'm very much an instant gratification kind of gal.

The original tutorial is here:

I came across another reference to this same tutorial as well. (Warning! Lots of other crafty stuff at this site - so be prepared to spend some time poking around):

I didn't follow the directions exactly. I admit to skipping the wet felting altogether, and just rolling it around in my hands.

I also used braided picture wire - it was sturdy and I thought the braid would help "grab" the fibers. (It seemed to work fine, but picture wire does have a bit more personality than most kinds of wire.)

I used merino wool roving for the brown, and silk roving for the white. (It was what I had handy.) I like the contrast between the two different fibers- the merino is a bit softer, with less sheen, and the silk has a bit of a satiny finish to it. Each fiber plays with the light a little differently, which is good to know.

I also used Miyuki size 11 seed beads in a purple matte AB, and Jablonex crystals in a purple AB to add a bit of texture and sparkle. I really love how the wool and silk nestle the beads and crystals.

All in all, this was a fun project - I'm even be tempted to make another one soon (which is very unusual for me).

One of my girls decided this bracelet looked like white and dark chocolate covered pretzels sprinkled with sugar. I have to agree!

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