simple and sweet for spring.

This simple little cuff came about as an experiment: I wanted to try an alternative to the purchased cuff blanks normally used to make this type of bracelet.

The purchased blanks are great, but they are one size fits all. They are also a bit wider than I prefer. And even more importantly - now that I live in the wilderness, it's pretty hard to find the cuff blanks, unless I special order them.

I love to poke about in the hardware section, and came across some metal "ribbon" used by plumbers to hang pipes. It is perforated with holes and about one inch in width. It's pretty heavy duty, and has to be cut with extra-heavy tin snips or metal shears.

I cut two pieces the same size. I bent one to fit my wrist, then bent the other one to nestle just inside the original one. I wanted two pieces for extra weight and reinforcement. Then I covered the metal with a piece of heavy pellon. I used a needle and thread to secure the pellon in place.

From that point on, I was making a cuff as usual. I went for something quick and easy and bright. The butterflies are each made from four pressed glass "crystals" and delicas, (size 11). They were stitched on using size D nymo. The printed fabric was a scrap from my daughter's latest skirt, and the inside lined with white handkerchief linen.

If anyone is interested in a more detailed tutorial on how I made the cuff blank, please let me know.

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