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I have to confess I am a fiber nut.

I got into beads the round-about way from bobbin lace. Seriously.

I found that I was much more fascinated by the beaded anchors on the English Bobbins, than I was in making the bobbin lace. Finally I admitted to myself that I was truly hooked and had crossed over to the beady side!

Even though I never really got into bobbin lacing, I still love to crochet, knit, felt, tat, needle lace, embroider, hand sew, machine sew, quilt, hand dye fabrics, yarns and threads ... pretty much you name it, and I probably have tried and love it -- if it involves fibers. (Let's face it: My first born teethed on a Tatsy!)

To that end, I went to a fiber show last weekend, and picked up some glorious stuff. I also had one of the wool suppliers (Puff the Magic Rabbit) suggest that I make some beaded stitch holders.

So, without further ado I want to share some of the ones I made over the week in little minutes here and there.

These are pretty quick and easy to make:

I used fossil beads in 4mm and 6mm, glass pearls 6mm, and black enameled glass beads 4mm for the first set.

I used some of my torch worked beads for the next two sets. I purchased the cat bead at a local store: Stones and Bones.

For the jump rings I used 6mm split rings. The larger stitch markers are 10mm jewelry links with decorative work on the face. (The jewelry links are normally used as elements in necklaces or bracelets, but work great for this.)

I also used a couple of sizes wire - mostly 20, 22. (The exception: size 18 for the projects worked in blue wire. Be sure to check if it will fit through your beads, if you use this grade wire.)

NOTE: The awesome buttons are from Wild Hare Fiber Studio. I love these!!

Be sure to check out some of the scrumptious fibers and yarns supplied at Wild Hare Fiber Studio and Puff the Magic Rabbit: Both ladies have awesome products, fleece, yarn and colours to dye for!!!

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G Leigh said...

Post Script: The first set was made with some pressed glass beads I picked up in a bulk package, a couple of years ago, at the local craft store. - beady hugs - Ginger

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