I was reading Beading Daily, "What Rocked Tuscon," and came across a mention of Glasclay today, and I can tell this is something I will have to find out more about.

image from Beading Daily article, "What rocked Tucson"

original photo caption:

"Glasclay(TM) from Claymania Art Clay, Inc. wins my Invention of the Show award; their malleable glass in a binder needs no torch to form, just a kiln to fire. Hot stuff!" (Leslie Rogalski)

I had hoped to enjoy working with the Bronzclay that came out last year, but found that I was bothered by the metallic smell. Nothing wrong with the product - it was just me.

The final pieces had a nice weight, pretty color and held detail really well. I just couldn't get past the metallic smell that seemed to caught in my mouth and nose for the rest of the day - no matter how many times I washed my hands.

I have wanted to try the copper clay, but just haven't quite gotten a round "tuit." But with the idea of glass -one of my favorite things!) I am definitely excited enough to get on the waiting list to try some.

I did notice that a digital programmable kiln is necessary to work with Glasclay. I'm fortunate enough to have really nice Skutt table top model.

Hopefully I will be able to find out more about this product soon. If anyone out there has had a chance to work with this product, I'd love to hear in the comments.

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