Candys work

I have just been really tickled at what wonderful responses I have been getting from readers lately.  I wanted to share another picture that came in this week from Candys.  She has created an awesome pendant from the tree pattern I did based on a work by Gustav Klimpt.

I especially like the beaded texture on the bezel and the beaded jump rings used as dangles.

If you would like to look at some of her work, Candys has a series of albums.  Just be sure to set aside an entire afternoon!  Lots of treasures to be found.


Candys said...

Thanks for the write up Ginger :}

So happy you like the piece.

I finished the foxes a couple of days ago; but still thinking on what they are going to be. Darn things can't make up their mind ;}

Candys in Oklahoma

G Leigh said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what inspiration hits you.

I suspect it will be cool no matter what!
Beady hugs! -G. Leigh

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