Trees in morning Sun part 2

My original intent was to post a couple more pattern versions I based on the original pic from the previous post. The more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be more helpful to focus more on what did and didn't work on the ones I have shared. The first pattern is fine. It looks pretty much just like the picture. But it lacks excitement. Even though it did what it was supposed to, the light just doesn't translate into anything that really makes the eye go "Wow!" The next two are close-up shots of the trunks. And while they have more graphic appeal, but still lacks something. The one which I felt ended up having the most visual glow of the original pic was the close up of the leaves from the upper left corner. Even though the image ends up looking a bit abstract to the casual eye, this version best captures the kind of golden glow I was going for in the original shot. Because I knew this was a pattern I was doing for myself, I didn't worry about whether someone else would "get it" when looking at the image. Obviously there are times when I am desiging for others when it would have been more important for the image to be highly recognizable as a "something." But for me, this was the image that best captured the feel of that glowing springish morning. The main thing is - not all pictures you use will look like much when you first try to convert them into a pattern. In fact, all of them will need LOTS of work to make them into a good pattern. One of the important things to remember though, is to try looking at the different parts of the picture and to try different areas to focus on, rather than try to get everything. Sometimes just a small part of the whole is more interesting than the entirety.

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