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One of the things that gives me a lot of joy and relaxation is designing bead paterns for peyote and brick bead weaving. It's always like taking a mini vacation, off in the corner of my bedroom (where the computer sits).
I thought it would be interesting to share some of the processes I go through when working on a bead pattern design.
Just as a note: I love Beadtool!! I design pretty exclusively on it, even though I also own bead creator pro 3. Even though there is a Beadtool 3 available - I have been so pleased with 2, I just haven't felt the urgency to update.
The photo above, is one I took Monday when we had a golden, unseasonable warm moring, with lots of fog and drenched light. I had to go out and take pics!!
This one is from the back patio of part of my back yard. I love living in the country these days!! Last year at this time, that pic would have been of a postage stamp backyard, surrounded by fence and my neighbours house!
The photo here was really all about light and shadow, and I honestly wasn't planning on using it to make a pattern from. There are times I will go out and take photos just to design from,( and I will probably do an entry about that, in the spring.) However, when I saw all that golden light - I just wanted to see how it would look in bead pattern style.
The first pattern below is the basic image from the top of the pic. One of the things I usually do is to then do one with the photo enlarged and pick out different elements from the pic to focus on. This gives many different patterns from the same photo. I can focus on editing those patterns more, after I have decided which image I like best. Quite often it is not the original image but some small corner of it.
I will post more thoughts in part 2 of of this entry. But I hope that this had given an inspiration to look at your original photos in a different way.

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