Crocheted Slider bead

The next class I plan on offering at Bedford Arts Academy will probably be a crocheted Slider Bead class. This is a sample I worked up this morning to see how long it would take. I was able to do this one in about 3.5 - 4 hours. I have already decided that I will not be using the nuggets for the textured area. I feel they are not visually as balanced as the bead soup made up of 6's and 8's, with bugles. I also found that the nuggets are more difficult to manipulate. Since this is to be a beginner crochet bead project, I need to keep the work more manageable.

I will play around with different ways of wearing this bead, and try to post what I come up with.

The class has not had a date scheduled yet. Anyone interested can contact me thru this blog or the Bedford Art Academy website. (Link for the BAA can be found on the left side bar.)

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