2010 Bead Quilt

Okay folks! - It's that time again! - Time for the new patterns for the Bead it Forward Bead Quilt project. This is a project to raise monies for breast cancer research.

The theme this year is Turtles!

I promise I will be posting many more in the next few days, but here's my first one.

If you'd like to learn more about this project you need to go to Jeanette Shanigan's site, or the Beady Shanigans yahoo group. (A great bunch of folks!)


Ronit said...

Love it!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the rest - I'm hoping to make 18 squares this year.

Catharina Pelixo said...

good morning wanted
I loved your blog
I began at a little time to do Bead
and your blog has lovely printers obliged
I am a Portuguese but I go segir your blog I loved congratulations kisses

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